2018 – Danish national TV: Dept. of Cardiology, Odense University Hospital – launch of EUR 150.000 research project with the FirstAED system(SEE LINK



2017 – ”Freiburg – Region of Lifesavers” was announced at the annual congress of The European Resuscitation Council(SEE LINK

2017 – Springer Publishing – Prof. Dr. Michael Müller et al., Smartphone based alerting of first responders at cardiac arrest(SEE LINK) 

2017 – Danish national TV: Project „Denmark saves lives“ with the FirstAED system is being announced(SEE LINK) 

2017 – Region of Zealand with 1m population decides implementation of FirstAED


2016 – Danish Parliament, FirstAED presentation at Health Conference

2016 – Marburg in the German federal state of Hessen decides implementation of FirstAED


2015 – Danish Parliament grants EUR 250.000 in support of national implementation of technologies like FirstAED

2015 – Market Development Fund grants EUR 400.000 funding for a project in Helsinki, Finland with the FirstAED system, Finnish Red Cross and the Helsinki EMS.


2014 – FirstAED wins tender for the implementation in Region of Southern Denmark with 1,2m population


2013 – Danish Technology Institute analyses the socio-economic consequences of national implementation of the FirstAED system

2013 – The first evidence-based results from 700 alarms are presented by two university hospitals