February 2018 – Bad Boll, Germany: Reanimation Symposium, German cardiac arrest register


November 2017 – Stuttgart, Germany: Symposium Data Protection, Ministry of Interior, Baden-Württemberg – FirstAED presentation with subsequent system approval without annotations

September 2017 – Freiburg, Germany: Resuscitation – FirstAED stand and part of an oral presentation where the project “Freiburg – Region of Lifesavers” was published

July 2017 – Danish TV channel announces Project “Denmark Saves Lives” – Project in Region of Southern Denmark and Region of Zealand, where Danish Peoples Aid train thousands of lay first responders in BLS, to be dispatched by two control centers via the FirstAED system

May 2017 – Danish TV channel announces winner of Regional Health Competition “A healthier Fyn” – Research project with the FirstAED system won the prize of EUR 150.000

March 2017 – London, England: ACCA Masterclass, Acute Cardiovascular Care Association – FirstAED oral presentation

February 2017 – Bad Boll, Germany: Reanimation Symposium, German cardiac arrest register – FirstAED oral presentation


September 2016 – Reykjavik, Iceland: Resuscitation congress – FirstAED Stand

September 2016 – Düsseldorf, Germany: EMS Symposium, Ministry of Health NRW – FirstAED oral presentation

August 2016 – Rome, Italy: ESC congress, European Society of Cardiology – FirstAED Poster Abstract with evidence-based results from the first 1200 alarms

June 2016 – Gütersloh, Germany: Symposium First Responder apps

May 2016 – Bremerhafen, Germany: National Dispatch Center Symposium – FirstAED Stand

April 2016 – Würzburg, Germany: Symposium NOAS – FirstAED and oral presentation

March 2016 – Koblenz, Germany: DINK congress, German Emergency Congress – FirstAED stand and oral presentation

January 2016 – Cologne, Germany: AGNNW congress, Emergency Doctors in North Rhine-Westphalia – FirstAED stand and oral presentation

January 2016 – Copenhagen, Denmark: Health conference at Parliament – FirstAED oral presentation


October 2015 – Prague: Resuscitation – oral presentation and FirstAED stand

August 2015 – London, England: ESC Congress, European Society of Cardiology – Oral presentation of FirstAED

June 2015 – Bremerhafen, Germany: Symposium National Dispatch Centers – FirstAED stand and oral presentation

April 2015 – Glasgow, Scotland: Symposium National Community First Responder Managers UK – FirstAED oral presentation

April 2015 – Edinburgh, Scotland: Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest Symposium – FirstAED stand and poster abstract

March 2015 – Tullamore, Ireland: CFR congress, Irish Community First Responders – FirstAED oral presentation

March 2015 – Koblenz, Germany: DINK congress, German Emergency Congress – FirstAED stand and presentation by Prof. Dr. Michael Müller


November 2014 – Delegation from the Scottish Ministry of Health – Visit to FirstAED and Control Center of Region of Southern Denmark, to learn about the system and see how the system works in a Control Center

November 2014 – 6th Danish Emergency Medicine Conference, Odense, Denmark – Presentation of the FirstAED project results and technology

September 2014 – Wiesbaden, Germany: EURO Navigator – European EMS Forum – FirstAED Stand

September 2014 – Danish Medicoteknisk Selskab Årsmøde, Brædstrup, Denmark – Presentation of the FirstAED project results and technology

August 2014 – WIS, Turku, Finland – Presentation of the project and chair of workshop about first responders and GPS based activation

May 2014 – Resuscitation 2014, Bilbao – FirstAED poster presentation + FirstAED mentioned in Maaret Castrén presentation


October 2013 – Resuscitation 2013, Krakow, Poland –  Abstract published and poster presentation.

May 2013 – Medical dispatching 2013 – Seeking the golden standard, Karolinska Institutet,  Stockholm – Invited to present our system and the results of the first trial period.

April 2013 – 5th Danish Emergency Medicine Conference 2013 –  Invited to present the results of the Langeland project.

March 2013 – delegation from Notruf Niederösterreich A delegation from Notruf Niederösterreich visited FirstAED to hear more about our system, and to see it in real-life operation at the dispatch center and on the island of Langeland.

March 2013 – Minister Carsten Hansen visits FirstAED – Carsten Hansen is the minister of Housing, Urban and Rural Affairs in Denmark. He wanted to hear how FirstAED’s system could improve the response time on a cardiac arrest in the cities and in the countryside.


October 2012 – Resuscitation 2012 – At the exhibition we had about 200 visitors and we got a great respond on our system.


November 2011 – AED Conference at the Bella Centre in Copenhagen, Denmark – We attended the conference to present our idea about getting first responders and AED’s on sight as fast as possible. Our idea got a good response from the other participants and decision makers.